Three Important Corporate Gifting Tips to Keep in Mind


Giving corporate gifts to clients, employees, and business partners can be awkward if you don’t consider the etiquette behind it. Sending an overly expensive gift or one that is not aligned with their interests can make your good intentions backfire. As a result, your recipients will only remember you for your mistake.

Before you start shopping for corporate gifts, make sure to read the following corporate gift tips:

Personalise the Gift

Corporate gifts that have a personal touch can make all the difference. Put yourself in your recipient’s shoes. Personalising the gifts will make your recipients know that you appreciate them and know them as individuals. You need to give a gift that is aligned to their tastes, one that has been thought about, and one that they may not get form another company. If you want to give Cadeau corporatif fait au québec, don’t ignore the power of maple products to make a strong impression.

Personalisation is still possible even if you are presenting gifts to many people. The idea is to make the gift at least a bit different. A reputable corporate gifting company should be able to give something that shows you have thought about the gift.

Know your Budget

Your corporate budget will depend on your company’s finances. But, whatever your budget is, make sure to work with a corporate gift specialist that can provide bespoke, tailored products to make sure your gifting budget is maximised. You don’t need to spend a fortune on corporate gifts. If you cannot afford much, consider a basket full of sweet treats such as maple, honey, or cranberry products. Just add a personalised message to the gifts to let your recipients know you are thinking of them. Keep in mind also that some companies have limits for the kinds of gifts they can get. In fact, other companies are not permitted to accept corporate gifts at all. Make sure to do your research and partner with a corporate gift expert to avoid any possible issues that can arise.

Make Sure you Remember Everyone

Depending on your intentions and target recipients, make sure not to leave one behind. Thus, if you are giving members to a team, ensure every member gets one. Keep in mind that even if you send the gifts to their homes, your employees will talk to each other about it. Plus, social media can spread the news like wildfire.  To ensure you don’t make an employee feel less important, keep a running list of recipients and add it over a few days before you send out gifts.

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