Step by step guide to ultimate paint by numbers



There are various brands who now embrace personalized paint by number kits but most of them follow the same approach. If you are wondering about the exact process on how it works, the following are some of the steps you need to look out at how you can come up with your own masterpiece using this particular system.

Choose a painting

The way to finish a painting is through choosing one which has an image that you like. There are thousands of images which are available and in varying degree of difficulty, thus you have to take your time to pick the one which you understand and is unique to you.

Come up with your own artists space

All the best artists happen to have their own space where to carry out their work, and now that you have the paint by numbers, you need to have yours. Look for a surface which is flat which should be away from others and place done sheet of plastic or something which will be able to prevent it from becoming dirty. Set the supplies up that  you will require including a glass of water to ensure that you use it in washing the brushes, the paint from the kit and somewhere where you are going to place the canvas.

Read out the instructions

Check out the instructions which are on the kit box and ensure you understand them before starting. Some might vary in the way the colors are coded and each kit comes with its one palette that you will use to work with.

Paint by numbers

Decide the approach you will want to take with each shape painting.  At times it is recommended that you start from the left corner bottom and work your way up, others do suggest that you start with the shape which is largest first. Whatever you decide to do, you just need to be careful not to smudge and avoid dragging your hand in the wet paint.

Finish your piece

Check the various canvases and ensure that you cannot see any blank spaces or be in a position to read any numbers via the paint. You can decide to do a double coat of paint where required and tidy up any other lines. Hang or mount your canvas or gift it to your friend, but you needs to ensure that it is completely dry.

What kind of paint is utilized in paint by numbers?

Each kit of paint by numbers comes with a certain amount of paints, each in their own tubs. The tubs do have enough paint which is within the complete picture and normally more to account for the mistakes.

The paints are separated into the colors that will be most used but there might be direction in mixing them together to make others.  If that is the case, the instructions will show you what you exactly need to do and how much of each is required.

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