Gym flooring at home


Building a home gym is no longer for just athletes and the who’s and who’s of the society but has slowly turned into a way of living for everyone. With most people trying to create their workout space in their home instead of having to visit a gym which might take them more time and money in the long run compared to having a gym under your roof, there is a realisation that even if one can substitute any other gym equipment, a good floor cannot be substituted with anything else. In the beginning, just a yoga mat would be ideal, but having to take up more intense workout practices will outgrow it. There are perfect materials that can be used to reconstruct your gym that might offer the following advantages;

  • Increase stability
  • Reduce body impact
  • Prevent injuries
  • Boost your polymeric power
  • Prevent your equipment from damage

Different Types of Flooring

Rubber flooring

Used for sports flooring for both commercial and home workout purposes, rubber is a material that is strong, sturdy and resilient, which makes it convenient for any exercise with any equipment. Rubber is available in tiles and mats, used at home or rolled on larger areas. Rubber comes in different thicknesses, which vary in price. The installation is quick since rubber can be put on carpets and other surfaces. Rubber is durable and offers maximum shock absorption, and it is waterproof and soundproof. Rubber is, however, expensive and heavy.


Foam is the number one option for people who do yoga and pilates. Foam has a high shock resistance, but it does not have the needed support for heavyweights and equipment; hence might have dents over some time. For a home that you like to double as a play area and gym area, the foam would be ideal since it comes in various colours and styles and is cushioned for comfort. Foam, however, has a shorter life span, and it is less durable compared to other options.


Vinyl acts as great support for a gym and has a chic and comfortable look and feel for other house areas like the living room. It is moisture and mould resistant hence offering a great option for the basement floor. Vinyl can be used in multiple ways since it is resistant to harsh cleaning products, which may be used to clean up sweat and blood. Vinyl, however, might get torn and damaged easily and may cause health problems that might be gotten from the emission of VOC. While purchasing, it is important to consider that it is a low shock absorber compared to other options. However, it is long-lasting and easy to maintain and comes in an extensive selection of styles.


Most home gyms are floored using carpets since it is soft in the joints and easy to maintain, and while one buys a home, they might be lucky to find it installed. Carpets offer great stability for cardio and great support for weight training. Carpets offer a home friendly, versatile and soft and comfortable feel. They are, however, a low shock absorber, can trap sweat and moisture, and they may stretch over time.

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