Here’s A List Of The Best 7 Vitamin B12 Rich Foods


Set aside that vitamin pill if you want to enhance your B12 consumption! Dietary requirements are primarily supplied by vitamin b12 rich foods, not pills, assuming you experience a vitamin or mineral deficiency that has been medically identified. Vitamin B12 sometimes referred to as cobalamin, is an important vitamin that supports several vital bodily processes. It is a water-soluble substance that enters your bloodstream and then travels to your cells after being absorbed in your gut. Foods rich in vitamin b12 can be easily included in our daily diet because it is naturally present in many animal products.


These tiny, meaty mussels are nutrient-dense and are among the best vitamin B12-rich foods. They are rich in zinc, copper, phosphorus, iron, and in addition to B12. Moreover, it provides your body with lean protein and antioxidants. They may be used to make broth and pasta seasonings, among other dishes. You may get them fresh, frozen, or canned.

Milk And Milk Products

Milk and milk products are regarded as top suppliers of vitamin B12. For this reason, specialists advise drinking milk every day to avoid vitamin B12 deficiencies. Additionally, it is a trustworthy source of calcium and vitamin D. Soy milk is frequently recommended as a replacement for vegans. A cup of soy milk delivers 45% of the daily advised consumption of Vitamin B12, as per the USDA.

Nutritional Yeast

This dormant yeast, commonly referred to as “nooch,” is frequently referred to as vegan cheese. It has a nutty flavor. To enhance the richness of the tastes of both hot and cold dishes, it can be dusted on top. Scatter some on your bread butter, add a little to your popcorn, or mix some into your sauce or pasta. Given that it is frequently fortified with vitamin B12, it provides a suitable source of vitamins for vegetarians.


Shrimp, which is regarded as the king of crustaceans, contains a significant quantity of vitamin B12 – nearly 80% of the regular need. It also contains a lot of lean protein. It may be just fried, stir-fried with vegetables, added to salads, or made into a shrimp cocktail.

Fortified Cereals

If you pick your breakfast cereal correctly, you could have consumed enough vitamin B12 by the time you’re done! It becomes crucial that you pick a cereal with added vitamin B12 for this reason. Each manufacturer and kind of cereal adds a different amount of vitamin B12. The easiest option for vegetarians to acquire their recommended daily amount of Vitamin B12 is fortified cereals.


In addition to being adaptable, eggs are a storehouse of vital minerals and a good source of vitamin B12. Even if a single egg a day won’t offer you the necessary amount of vitamin B12 that you need, you may mix them with various foods that are high in this nutrient to achieve the necessary quantity. According to a study, vitamin B12 levels in the yolks are greater than those in the whites, and it is also simpler to assimilate. It is advised to consume complete eggs instead of just egg whites for this reason. It’s simple to find eggs, regardless of whether you want to purchase them cooked or raw. So, you can easily consume this with other vitamin B12 rich foods.


Crabs are an excellent source of high protein, niacin, and zinc, as well as folate, iron, and a significant quantity of the antioxidant element selenium. They are also a fantastic source of vitamin B12. Those who consume it will profit much because of how high vitamin B12 it is. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are advantageous for cardiovascular health and cholesterol, are also included in crabmeat. Crabmeat also has a low saturated fat content which adds to its wellness.


Numerous dietary sources include vitamin B12. However, if your body doesn’t generate sufficient amounts of a protein called intrinsic factor, which aids in vitamin B12 absorption, or if you don’t consume enough vitamin B12 rich foods, you might become deficient. You might not know this, but several of your favorite foods contain vitamin B12.

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