Roll the bones- How to play craps at online casinos?


The game moves fast and draws big crowds cheering and shouting around the craps table. If you’ve never tried it, craps look complicated at first with seemingly endless bet options and its language for calling numbers. However, at its core craps only requires learning a few basic bets to get started and play.

Fundamentals of online craps

The basic concept of craps centers on rolling a pair of dice to produce specific numbers. You bet on what numbers are going to come up each round wm casino เครดิตฟรี 100. The shooter (player rolling) will keep going until they make a losing “seven out” roll. Players at the table bet with or against the shooter each round. Winning bets get paid out, losing bets forfeited, and a new shooter begins. The come-out roll starts a round, while points accrue when the correct numbers are hit, allowing more bets. Simple betting on the pass line or no pass bar gets you started.

Making pass line and don’t pass bets

The most common craps bet is the pass line, which wins if the come-out roll is 7 or 11. If it’s 2, 3, or 12 it’s a loss known as “crapping out”. Any other number becomes the point, which the shooter tries to roll again before a 7 to win. They don’t pass bets against the shooter, losing on 7 or 11, winning on 2 or 3, and pushing on 12. Other numbers make a point you want to avoid. These basic bets get you in on the action quickly.

Broadening your betting options

Once you understand pass line/don’t pass wagers, you add more bets for fun. Come and don’t come bets are the same after the come-out roll. You place odds bets to back up your main bets too. Single-roll “proposition” bets on certain numbers like 6 or 8 are also common. You even bet on hard ways – double pairs like two 3s. Field, big 6 & 8 wagers add simple options too. Multiple players all get in on the action at once and make craps very social.

Following craps etiquette and game flow

Craps move fast once the dice are rolling so pay attention. Follow proper etiquette like not handling the dice until it’s your turn as the shooter. Call your bets clearly and leave them in the appropriate numbered spots. Please feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Take mental breaks if needed when not actively shooting. Go with the fast game flow and casino ambiance for maximum enjoyment.

Check the house edge on bets

While its fun to play all the snazzy craps bets, they aren’t created equal. The house edge varies greatly. Pass/don’t pass have only a 1.4% house edge, while prop bets are 10% or worse, impacting how often you win. Research the odds so you identify the sucker bets vs. Smart wagers. Side bets for lower minimums work since you risk less per roll. But higher minimum table limit bets tend to have better house edges overall.

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