Discover Some Football Betting Odds Here


When it comes to the issue of football betting, there are several betting odds that pundits can take to. When the odds are easy; it will become easy to make hay when it comes to hitting the target. When you are on any of the credible site like Mafia88, you can easily achieve results if you choose the right betting odd among the available odds in football betting.

We shall be taking a look at some of the easy odds that pundits can use to hit the jackpot without going through much stress. The majority of these odds require very little cognitive thinking. The market is very easy; you are going to marvel at the presence of some of these odds.

 to score First

Once you the scoring capacity of the team you are betting on; you can place the bet on them that they are going to score first. When the team eventually scored first; you are a winner. You can go ahead and place another bet in-between. Who is to score next? This is a cheap market as you can see.

Over / Under

This type of bet is commonly found in virtually all the bookies. It is another very simply way of [lacing a bet in football betting.

Goals Goals

2.5 is a factor that is used as the factor to detail both low and high scoring sides. There are unlimited choices here that are not limited by bookies. This bet is a trending one that is attracting the attention of several punters out there. There are online alternative bets that start with 0.5. The major concern here is goals; it does not matter which team hits the back of the net.


In the game of football, there are cards issued to players when they go against the rules during the time of play. We have the yellow card and the red cards. You can place your bet on the number of each of the cards that a team is going to receive during the course of a game. If your bet is right, you will get your reward at the end of the game.


 You can use corners as a bet in football. When you place your bet on the number of corners that will be awarded your team; each of the corners must be practically taken before it counts. The dark area with this type of bet lies in the fact that the corners can come in rapid succession. When you are Mafia88, you can use this bet to improve on your bonus in football betting.

Odd / Even

Another trending bet is on odd or even number. Odd is a umber that is not directly divisible by two; the even number is directly divisible by two. When you place your bet on odd number of corners by a team and the team had seven corner kicks; you will get your reward.

The above are some of the odds that you can use to get the results on มาเฟีย88. There are other odds aside the ones that we have listed above.

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