Slot machine is a casino game that provides a game of chance to players. The machine is termed as the one armed bandit because of its ability to drain the funds of players.

Terminologies in slot games

  • This is a feature that gets triggered when certain symbols appear in a specific combination. The number of bonus rounds is based on the number of winning combinations that activates the bonus. The winning combinations of a bonus round are quite different from the winning combinations of regular round. The combinations are usually modified to make them distinct.
  • Electronic Gaming Machine.
  • This is the categorizing of slot machines. This is usually in a circular or oval formation.
  • This refers to the light that alerts the player of a number of things. It could be used to request change or hand pay. It could also indicate technical issues at other times.
  • Hand pay. This is the payout made at cage points. In traditional casinos, the hand pay could be made by the machine or at other times, by the attendant. This happens when the amount of money preset by the operator has been exceeded.
  • Wild symbols. These symbols are very similar to joker in card game. Jokers are unpredictable cards and could mean different things depending on the game. Wild symbols could also influence live slots depending on if it’s a bonus round or regular round.
  • This is the amount of risk associated with playing slot games. Slot games with low variance bring forth consistent but small wins while those with high variance have less consistent but massive wins.
  • Credit meter. This is a meter that displays the amount of money or other times number of credits in the slot machine.
  • Free spins. This is a type of bonus triggered by a scatter of at least three specific symbols. The number of spins depends on the number of symbols. The spins are usually free and played at the player’s current stake. Free spins could be won multiple times in a game.
  • This is a pay combo that lands anywhere on the reels rather than in sequence across the same line. The scatter pay is a minimum of three specific symbols to land. Scatter is used to trigger free spins as well as increased prizes.
  • This is the little amount of money paid out to players to ensure they remain focused and continue betting.
  • Roll up. This is the theatrical effect accustomed to a win as the meters count up to the amount won.


Each slot game features a pay table that enumerates the number of credits the player will receive if the symbols indicated on the table line up on the pay line. Wild symbols are also included on the pay table. In online slot games, the pay table is usually included in the help menu along with information on other features.

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