Are you about to graduate?

The academic journey is one full of hurdles and achievements. These achievements are crowned with graduation ceremonies that elevate you from one level to another, and that is where we come in. Are you about to graduate and are looking for custom graduation cards to invite your friends and family?

Well, Look no further because Mixbook has you covered.

Who or what is Mixbook?

Mixbook is a design tool on the internet that provides photo design tools for a variety of uses. Its base is in Redwood City in California. Mixbook allows its users to design graduation cards that are customized, photo books that are customized, calendars, and many more. All this can be done by the user at the comfort of their home through the online platform that is available to everyone. It is very affordable and is rated number one in photo cards, making you wonder why you started using it that late.

  Why Mixbook?

Mixbook allows you as the user to integrate a part of yourself into the card. It allows you to add epic photos that might also highlight your journey through student life and some epic photos of you and your friends, even on academic trips. You, as the creator, get to decide what goes on to your work while we enable and give you the means and alternative ideas for you to reach the end. We offer a range of fonts and styles for you to use to make your card as attractive and presentable as possible. All this can be done at the comfort of your residence or student complex. Exquisite top-notch finishes are also part of our package that you will get to enjoy.

  What about our Graduation Cards?

Mixbook understands the need for your card to be unique; that is why we offer tailor-made results to make your taste specific. To begin with, you can personalize your cards with colors that will match your graduation gown or fit it with colors that speak the loudest about the academic journey that you or the one you are creating for has gone through. The templates which are provided will help guide you on your way. You can even go as far as creating personalized photo invitations for your guests with different messages to encourage, inspire, or thank them for their part in your educational journey.

The best thing about Mixbook is that you can customize your cards down to the tiniest bit, ensuring that you include everything and anything that you want, how you want it, and how you pictured it in your mind. Your loved ones can also design a card to show the love they have for you and congratulate you on the next step.

No matter what type of design or layout you choose on Mixbook you can never and will never regret using our services since we will guide you every step of the way to ensure a quality finish. Try us Today and together, let’s make a card that “speaks you”.

Fidel Hamill

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